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Our History

It all started with holding the hands of a homeless gentleman; his hands were so cold.
That’s when Chinu asked, what she and Sharon could do to help. All the man wanted was some gloves to warm his hands!

Man Photo

The homeless gentleman who started it all

Beanie Giveaway

Bundle of Joy Give Away

Chinu and Sharon, with their friends, took 300 packages of beanies, gloves, scarves, and socks for the homeless that very first year.

Thus started our yearly Bundles of Joy giveaway at St. Mary’s Dining Room

Meela, Sharon, and Chinu (our founders) started classes to engage the homeless mentally and physically to give the homeless a purpose, a meaning in life.

We soon realized that the homeless did not have a place to wash their clothes.
Thus started Loads of Hope.

Loads Of Hope

Loads Of Hope

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