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Essential Wrap Around Services 


Uplift All Foundation gives homeless individuals access to means of transportation for employment, doctor's appointments, searching for a new house, and moving.

Housing Market Entry

o We provide tents to the unsheltered.

o We locate and help homeless individuals/ families get into comfortable housing. 

o We help individuals move into the housing, as well as furnish the dwellings.

o We educate them on how to live in the house.

o We bring food to their new accommodations.


Uplift All Foundation provides an address for the homeless community to have their mail sent to. We also provide them with an email address and a place to charge their phones.

Health & Human Services

We are partnered with Health and Human Services Agency to do the paperwork for the homeless at our mobile laundry sites.

Trash Clean Up

Uplift All Foundation is committed to clean streets and neighborhoods; organizing trash pickups.

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