Founded in 2017 by Chinu, Sharon and Meela with the goal of providing a nurturing environment for Stockton’s homeless and in-need population through offering classes and workshops.

Uplift All is possible because of volunteers like YOU.

How can you make a difference in our community and positively impact the lives of homeless individuals and families?


We offer a variety of classes that encourage vocational rehabilitation, healthy living, mental and physical wellness.


Our volunteers can sit in classes to engage, encourage, and motivate the many who may have lost social connections.


We need volunteers from different fields to offer training in their line of work to promote vocations, eg. gardening, cooking, sewing.


Loads of Hope is a mobile laundry service  to provide clean clothes to those without access to them. We need volunteers to drive the mobile laundry van, man the laundry units, help provide cleaning supplies and propane tanks for the dryer


o We are constantly looking for creative and sustainable ways to raise funds to keep our programs and services for the homeless viable.

o Donations from businesses, foundations, private donors, grants are vital to fulfillment of our mission

o NO donation is too small


o As Uplift All relies on grant funding, we are constantly completing and submitting grants to request funding for the homeless.

o If you are detail-oriented and like to write, we need you!


o In this age of social media, any positive posts, tweets, or snaps about Uplift All and the programs/services we provide would highlight our goals and, hopefully, bring attention to the dire circumstances of the homeless and the need for public support and active intervention


o At the heart of Uplift All is the desire to care for ALL people.

o Your prayers for us and for those we serve are valuable and always appreciated!


Meet The Team


Chinu Mehdi

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Chinu has been a yoga teacher in Stockton, CA for over twelve years. After taking a photography class where she captured the plight of the homeless in her pictures, Chinu was inspired to help them. With Sharon, Chinu started an annual holiday drive delivering socks, gloves, beanies, and other necessities to the homeless before co-founding The Uplift All Foundation.


Sharon Benninger

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Sharon was a recipient of the 2017 Susan B. Anthony Awards in Stockton, CA. She was one of the founders of the Hospice Butterflies, an auxiliary for Hospice of San Joaquin. With Chinu, Sharon started an annual holiday drive delivering socks, gloves, beanies, and other necessities for the homeless before co-founding The Uplift All Foundation.


Meela Mehdi

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Meela is a graduate of Pomona College, where she double majored in Neuroscience and Dance. After volunteering at the Transitional Learning Center, a school for children who are homeless or in transition, Meela wanted to do more for the homeless community. Meela teamed up with Sharon and Chinu to help develop the Uplift All Foundation.