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After a lifetime of working with the poor and the sick, Mother Theresa lamented “the biggest disease today is not leprosy or tuberculosis, but rather the feeling of not belonging”


Homelessness is a unique issue. It creates invisible walls which separate, ostracize, the homeless from the rest of the society.


At Uplift All, we understand and realize how true it is for the homeless community.


Homelessness is a perpetuating cycle and the barriers the homeless face are staggering. The homeless have many needs, but the one most lacking, and perhaps most vital, is the need for human connection, the sense of belonging.


We at Uplift All “don’t do great things but do small things with great love”.


We don’t just provide clean clothes; we remove barriers towards integration into the rest off the community. We provide a safe and accepting environment.

Chinu Mehdi and Sharon Benninger, on behalf of Uplift All Foundation, received the keys to the City of Stockton. The keys were given at the State of the City Address by Mayor Kevin Lincoln.

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