· Meditation

o Focused concentration for stress reduction and promote positive perspectives

- taught by John

· Yoga

o Improves strength, balance, flexibility and promotes mindfulness

-taught by Chinu

· Tai-Chi

o Self-paced, gentle physical exercise and strengthening

-taught by Ray


· Resume-Writing

o Resumes give potential employers a view into a job applicant’s skills and assets

- taught by Rosa

· Job Search

o Instruction on where and how to begin a job search

- taught by Rosa

· Floral Arrangements

o Turn individual flowers and leaves into works of art

- taught by Carol

· Jewelry-making

o Harness creativity to turn beads into unique and wearable pieces of art

- taught by Alina and Lis


· Acting and Theater

o Performing art in which movement, intonation, and gesture allows personal expression

- taught by Barbara


· Dance

o Promotes expressions of idea, emotions, energy, and exhilarating fun

* Bollywood

· taught by Meela

* Hawaiian Hula

· taught by Kris

· Zumba

o Fitness program combining Latin and international music with dance moves to promote mental and physical health

- taught by Cathy

· Bingo

o Spirited game that improves alertness and memory while encouraging social engagement

- run by Chrissy


· Music

o Promotes expression and modulation for emotion through song

- taught by Paul and Jim

· Painting & Portrait Drawing

o Conveys ideas and experiences using color and artistic liberty

- taught by Alina and Robert

· Writing

o Allows communication, self-reflection, interpretation, and exploration

- taught by Fred


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